Who is the platform designed for?

Orbitt services three client groups:

  1. Company founders/owners looking for growth capital
  2. Africa-focused investors looking to provide capital to companies
  3. Investment intermediaries active in and servicing the African investment ecosystem – these include Investment Bankers, Accountants, Auditors, Corporate Finance Advisors and Corporate Lawyers.

What types of transactions do you handle?

We help African companies raise all kinds of capital – equity, mezzanine, term debt and trade finance. These are typically mid-market sized transactions between $5m and $50m.

What industry sectors and countries/regions does Orbitt cover?

Orbitt is a pan-African, sector agnostic deal origination and processing platform. We cover the entire African continent and all industries provided that the companies are looking for growth capital.

How do you source your deals?

Orbitt’s team source proprietary deals through contacts in our immediate network. We also have regulated investment intermediaries that bring investment opportunities to the platform.

How does Orbitt screen deals?

We screen all platform users and investment opportunities before they go live on our platform. Our multilayered screening process includes an initial call with principles and/or their advisors to ascertain their credibility. Subsequent to this, we conduct a full review of all supporting documentation such as IM’s, Teasers and financial models granting approval.

How does Orbitt ensure my deal privacy, and why can’t I see any deals on the platform?

Orbitt has been built to ensure the privacy of our clients at all times; it is not an open marketplace for deals. Investor mandates are matched to investment opportunities using our algorithm, and a platform generated one-page teaser is shared on a no-name basis only if a match is established. If both parties decide to proceed after reviewing the initial information, they sign off on our electronic NDA, which opens up the data room and allows further information to be shared and bilateral discussions to be conducted.

Is my information secure on the platform?

Yes, all information on the platform is password protected and encrypted. We also have a multi-layered IT security system that protects all user information and data on our platform.

What’s your business model?

We are currently remunerated by the investors at engagement, i.e either when they issue LOI or term sheet on a transaction. Our service comes at no cost to either company owners raising capital or intermediaries acting on the sell side for a transaction.

We are currently transitioning to a subscription model.

Are you regulated?

No, we do not need to be regulated. Orbitt only provides administrative services and does not offer investment advice, endorsements or recommendations of any kind whatsoever, including any recommendation to purchase or sell any security. Regulated intermediaries offer investment opportunities listed on our platform, and all information included on our platform is the responsibility of the company who has listed the investment opportunity. Orbitt does not function as a broker or a market maker.

Where are your investors from?

We have over 450 investor profiles on the platform. These are all Africa-focused investors from around the world. The majority of these investors have offices in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. We also have a number of investors based in Asia and the USA.

Do you crowdfund companies?

No, we connect institutional investors to investment opportunities. We don’t work with start-up companies looking for Venture Capital.

Does Orbitt invest its own capital?

No, we do not. Orbitt is a technology platform and as such we only connect the investment opportunities to the relevant investors.

Can I use Orbitt as a business development tool for my intermediary firm?

Yes, on occasions when a transaction needs work either prior to us matching it to investors or to move a transaction through to successful close then we’ll refer this to the most appropriate service providers on a case-by-case basis.

Is Orbitt going to disrupt the intermediary investment space?

Orbitt is an enabler of investment intermediaries and can be used as a business development tool by service providers.