How it works: Companies

Is your company based in Africa and currently looking for investors to help support your growth strategy? Then Orbitt’s matching algorithm can match you with potential investors who are interested in your business sector, company geography, funding type (debt, equity, trade finance) and funding requirement size. Our automated NDA and deal flow process is designed to provide users with total privacy and confidentiality throughout the deal process.


Register and create a company profile. You will receive a call to welcome you and assess your fundraising needs.


Submit the parameters of your project and our team will call to verify the details.


Once the project is approved. Our powerful algorithm will generate probable matches based on your capital needs.

Get funded

Once a match is established, you will be guided through a process to share documents, execute our digital NDA and communicate directly with investors on and off the platform. If required, we can connect you to specialists financial services providers to help support your deal.


Complete and monitor your deals by using processing tools and tracking your
analytics built into the platform.

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