3 strategies to secure your business during the global pandemic

AMC Advisory is the specialist corporate finance advisory business in the AMC Group with a dedicated focus on the high growth private markets of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Within the current context the group has provided a quickfire three-point plan for challenges that are being faced across the continent right now:

Crisis Management
Solution: Commit to crisis portfolio management tactics

The fallout on Private Equity and Loan portfolios are becoming clearer as each day passes. Concentrating on portfolio restructuring through a combination of portfolio analysis and financial modelling should stand you in good stead to move through any short-term challenges and build a strong long-term platform.

Challenge: Access to Capital
Solution: Seek out Africa-focused Investment Groups

For example, we are working in collaboration with a multi-billion alternative investment group that manages a diverse set of investment vehicles focused on emerging markets. One of its primary strategies is Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE). Usually, it is a three-year facility for up to US$ 150m depending on the company’s capitalization, stock market liquidity and the company’s specific needs. This facility provides firms with fast additional capital and flexibility to mitigate the impacts of the global pandemic.

Challenge: Having the Right Insurance
Solution: Access bespoke insurance and reinsurance programs locally and abroad

Companies should take the opportunity to access GFRA to review existing and new programs for identifying exposures in their operations based on the current global environment. Operations in multiple territories need to ensure the local insurers access reinsurers to withstand further catastrophic events


The AMC team draws from multi-disciplinary professional experience including corporate finance, merchant banking, private equity, logistics, healthcare, consulting, advisory and personal investing gained from global banks to SME’s. Global Fields Risk Advisors, an AMC Group partner, is an independent risk advisor to local and multi-national organisations, who work with various broking partners to structure bespoke insurance and reinsurance programs locally and abroad.