It’s time for Development Finance Institutions to join Africa’s technological evolution

Technological innovation has swept across Africa in the past decade. There are almost one billion cell phone subscriptions on the continent, up from 129 million ten years ago. In addition, software advances have disrupted the way people from Senegal to South Africa live their daily lives—from traffic support to remittance technology to agricultural assistance. The […]

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Young African Entrepreneur (YAE) Podcast featuring Orbitt

We spoke with Victoria Crandall at Young African Entrepreneur (YAE) about Orbitt’s beginnings and progress to date. Top tips Pick a co-founder who shares your values and vision. If it’s just about money, it’s game over from the start. Focus on the presentation of your pitch and stick to 10-15 slides. Use investors’ feedback on your […]

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In conversation with Jessica Camus, Founder of Ignis Advisory

Can you tell us a bit about how you came to start Ignis Advisory? My partners and I launched Ignis to help companies achieve greater scale and impact by offering a holistic, integrated and collaborative approach alongside access to our unique networks. Organisations often lack the tools and resources to effectively translate their values into […]

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