Orbitt member snapshot – Arch Global Consult

We spoke with Ashvin Aukhjee and Prakash Shimandy, Directors at Arch Global Consult Ltd (“Arch Global”) which is licensed by the Financial Services Commission to operate as a management company in the global business sector in Mauritius.

Tell us more about Arch Global and some of the bespoke solutions that you offer clients.

Arch Global provides a world-class and personalised service to clients looking to structure their businesses through Mauritius. Through our association with high-calibre legal and tax professionals worldwide, we are in a position to deliver tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to clients.

What is the Mauritius advantage and how do you view the country as a platform for investment into Africa?

Some of the main benefits that the island offers include no capital gains tax, no with­holding tax and free repatriation of profits and capital. Other important advantages include:

  • A substantial network of double-taxation avoidance agreements that provides tax efficiency and a number of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (“IPPAs”) that offers protection to investors.
  • A system of Partial Exemption Regime (income tax exemption of 80%) applied to certain types of income, upon the substance requirement criteria being met.
  • Confidentiality – A high degree of confidentiality enshrined in Mauritian laws
  • Security – Stable democratic political system and sustained economic growth, high-tech ICT connections & modern legislation in line with other reputable international financial centres
  • Accessibility – strategic location in the Indian Ocean, linking the Middle East, Asia and Africa
  • Diverse structuring opportunities and product base for planning and optimization of benefits.
  • A pool of experienced and qualified professionals.
  • Favourable time zone, ideally located between Europe and Asia.
  • Efficient banking system – Major international and strong local banks are present with good online platforms
What are the principal considerations for ongoing administration that corporates and funds should think about after establishing an offshore vehicle?

Mauritius has been well-positioned for over three decades as a mature jurisdiction to set up different types of entities. With a wide pool of qualified staff and excellent IT infrastructure, Mauritius is an ideal location to administer investment holding and Fund structures for many Fortune 100 companies and other corporations across the world. The current regulatory framework offers a seal of trust to these corporates.

Mauritius is a jurisdiction of substance and establishing an offshore company means adhering to some key substance requirements such as having a principal bank account here, having two local directors on the Board, having a minimum expenditure for the company and maintaining accounting records on the island.  KYC principles also have to be strictly followed when operating in Mauritius.

Where are you currently seeing the most growth for corporate services across the continent?

Mauritius is increasingly being used by Private Equity Investors as a bridge for investments into Africa. The island has enjoyed close relationships with many African countries and these relations have been nurtured throughout the years based on deep cultural roots, friendship and effective instruments of mutual cooperation in trade and investment.

In our opinion, the needs of corporate services are growing in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Ethiopia and Botswana.

How does Orbitt help you with your business development process?

Orbitt connects us with corporates or HNWIs looking to structure their entities in Mauritius. The technology and team behind the platform also organise our business development opportunities with lawyers, corporates, service providers, family offices, accountants and entrepreneurs in countries which we visit as part of our digital business development strategy.