How to manage your clients in crises: market feedback, tax and funding

Members of the Charted Accountant team at Outsourced CFO did a recent webinar on managing clients in crises. Key themes discussed were: Market feedback, Pivoting, Scaling down, Relief Funding and Tax Relief in SA, and Leadership. You can watch conversations from the team based on working with hundreds of business owners during this time. 

Market feedback
During the first question, the team each shared their opinion about the current business conditions; gave examples of some industries who have been hit the hardest; the percentage drop in revenue over the last couple of weeks, and how entrepreneurs are doing at the moment.


Scaling down
During the second question, our team discussed some of the best approaches to determine the right level cost-cutting; Reduced salaries and the impact is has on the market; The right time to close your doors; and What the ‘acceptable level’ of debt is to take on during this time.


During the third question, the team each gave examples of some of the best pivots a few of the businesses were successful in; How important the uniqueness of a value-proposition is; and the best strategy to survive and thrive.


Relief funding and tax
During our fourth question, the team discussed some of the best government funding opportunities available at the moment and how to go about it; How TERS works; and the value of Tax relief.


During the fifth question, our team gave advice on how business owners best plan and budget in the current environment; and the key to good communication with your team.

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