How to unlock new sources of trade funding in post-pandemic West Africa

Wilben is a global merchant trading, procurement and supply company with world-class credit and financing capabilities.

Wilben trades a broad spectrum of commodities across agricultural, metal and energy markets and have strong partnerships with the world’s leading suppliers.

Alongside trading commodities, the firm is a specialised multidiscipline procurement and supply company, delivering a complete single source procurement solution to our customers worldwide. Wilben suppllies all types of machinery, equipment and materials for construction, infrastructure, production and manufacturing, mining, transportation, healthcare, energy, municipal, industrial and many more sectors.

What are the financial initiatives taken by Wilben to support exports from west Africa to Asian countries and others. Means what are the Trade Finance structure available therefore.

Wilben will support exports from West Africa to Asian countries through our extended import credit structure where we would facilitate the trade to accommodate the exporter/supplier to be paid cash or on a shorter tenor and extend the credit to the buyer for a longer tenor which would better accommodate its cash conversion cycle.

Does Wilben provide on-lending facilities to Microfinance banks for onward lending to SMEs?

Wilben does not provide facilities to microfinance banks. But Wilben could fund these banks if they have credit limits with stronger local/regional banks that Wilben could face directly.

Does UKEF require the exporter to be UK based?

Wilben only needs 20% UK content. Our supplier credit solution with UKEF allows for Wilben Trade UK to not just supply, but also to aggregate goods from other existing suppliers worldwide and these goods could come from various geographies.

For Wilben coming as a merchant trader under Trade finance, does the Buyer(Borrower) should be from Africa or it can be any part of the world and are there any restrictions on the commodities?

The buyer can come from any part of the world. Wilben is a global merchant trader and operates in various regions such as the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Are you finding that banks with no traditional interest in West Africa business are doing these transactions simply because of UKEF involvement?

To some extent yes.  However, they do need to see a relationship angle. Whether that be from the exporter or a multi-national buyer who may have a presence in West Africa.  There are some who will come in without any relationship / presence angle.  They will fund – but the price will be higher.