Pre and post Covid-19: Africa-focused investor and lender activity

Using data tracked on our platform comparing H2 2019 and H1 2020, we compare levels of activity. The information is gathered from the 477 institutional investors and lenders based on indicated interest in a deal, comparing 217 transactions in H2 2019 and 230 transactions in H1 2020. These include banks, private equity funds, private debt funds and trade finance providers located on and off the continent that are actively seeking $5m-$50m investment and lending opportunities in Africa.


H1 2020, post-Covid-19 has shown an increase in demand for cross-regional transactions, with investor and lender activity up by 27% for deals that incorporate more than one market.

Meanwhile, there has been a 27% increase of all investor and lender interest in East Africa, an increase in Southern African deals by 65%, and a 49% drop in activity in West Africa


Percentage drop in equity investors engaging in new investment leads (76 tracked in H2 2019 vs 47 tracked in H1 2020). There has also been a 55% drop in pure private debt lender activity.

Meanwhile, there has been a 44% increase in activity from trade finance providers during the same period.