Young African Entrepreneur (YAE) Podcast featuring Orbitt

We spoke with Victoria Crandall at Young African Entrepreneur (YAE) about Orbitt’s beginnings and progress to date.

Top tips

  1. Pick a co-founder who shares your values and vision. If it’s just about money, it’s game over from the start.
  2. Focus on the presentation of your pitch and stick to 10-15 slides.
  3. Use investors’ feedback on your pitch to improve your business model. If there are gaps in your answers to their questions, there are likely gaps in the business as well.

Top quotes

  • “As a new investor or business owner or practitioner within the African ecosystem, having that resilience and the ability to play the long game, it’s definitely one of the key differentiators for those who succeed and those who don’t.”
  • “Stay the course. It’s going to be tough. it’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be challenging; it’s going to be inspiring. You’re going to get lots of mixed emotions, but whatever it is be passionate about it and just stay the course of it.”
  • “There’s no time like the present. You need to take time to let your idea formulate, but then move forward and learn as you’re going along. It’s okay to break some things along the way.”


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